Fitch-Rona EMS History

Since September 11th, 1977, Fitch-Rona EMS had been providing emergency medical services to the cities of Fitchburg, Verona, and the Verona Township. The department started and ran as an all volunteer service for 10 years until 1987.

It didn’t take long for the communities to want a higher level of care for its citizens and in 1983, work began to increase the level of service provided to the communities. In 1985, Fitch-Rona became the first EMT-Intermediate service in the state of Wisconsin.

In order to continue to meet the demands of a growing service, the first full-time employee was hired in August of 1987. At the time, Fitch-Rona EMS was running out of a house with an attached garage, donated by Nicolet Instruments.

With the completion of Fitchburg Fire Station #2 in 1994, Fitch-Rona EMS moved into its new quarters and a total of 4 full-time EMT-I’s and a part-time office manager made up the staff of Fitch-Rona EMS. In that year, Fitch-Rona ran 894 calls.

The continued growth in the area, together with the desire for a higher level of service, prompted the communities to move to the next level. The municipal councils voted to take emergency services in the District to the highest level of pre-hospital care. On July 1st, 2001, Fitch-Rona became a Paramedic level service.  In January of 2005 additional paramedics were hired to provide staffing of a second full-time ambulance .

In 2006 we began leasing a building in Verona for our second ambulance to ensure more timely coverage to our service area.   The ambulance at this station covers the Verona area as well as being the the primary intercept ambulance for outlying areas.  The station in Fitchburg is shared with the fire department and houses the business operations of Fitch-Rona.  Periodically, a third ambulance is put into service to cover special events or anticipated increased call volume due to inclement weather or other outside factors.

Fitch-Rona EMS staffing currently consists of an EMS Chief, two Deputy Chiefs, a part-time accountant, 14 full-time paramedics and numerous part-time paramedics.  Volunteers at various levels are also part of our team on a limited basis.

Over the past five years, we’ve averaged over 2500 calls per year.  Fitch-Rona is proud of the professionalism and dedication shown by our paramedics and strives to continue providing aggressive paramedic level care to the patients we serve.

Thank You to all those who help support us
Fitch-Rona EMS