Fitch-Rona EMS paramedics are among the most highly trained and dedicated paramedics found within south-central Wisconsin. We provide an aggressive approach to EMS involving some of the latest technology for delivering emergency pre-hospital care. Our primary coverage area consists of the Cities of Fitchburg and Verona as well as the town of Verona. We also provide paramedic intercepts to other EMS services in south and southwestern Dane County.

SCAM Alert:

The City of Madison Fire Department recently was notified that a telemarketer-style scam that may be gaining traction in the area, and we want to prevent unsuspecting citizens from falling victim to it.

An area woman recently answered her telephone and spoke with someone purporting to be from “the fire department.” The caller asked the woman if she has her home smoke alarms checked regularly. When the woman told the caller her son is a firefighter and checks the alarms for her, the caller abruptly ended the phone call.

Out of concern that there are individuals attempting to access area homes under the guise of a fire, police, or EMS department, Fitch-Rona EMS issues the following reminders and recommendations:

  • Fitch-Rona EMS will never makes phone calls soliciting personal information or money.
  • If you receive such a phone call, or something similar, end the call and report the incident to your local police department. You may also contact Fitch Rona EMS at (608) 497-2951 or by email at jeffd@fitchronaems.com if you are unsure.
  • Scams can also be reported to the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture and Consumer Protection Hotline at (800) 422-7128 or emailed to DATCPHotline@Wisconsin.gov.
  •  Once again, the Fitch Rona EMS District does not cold-call households soliciting for personal information or money.

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Latest News

Stop the Bleed Program Coming Soon

The Fitch Rona EMS District will be offering the “Stop the Bleed” program in 2018. If your organization is interested in the class please contact Deputy Chief Dostalek at jeffd@fitchronaems.com for more information. Bleeding Control Basic Brief Backgrounder

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